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  2. Grow your Smart Page email list ten times faster than before... by showing an email Opt-in Box to your visitors before sending them to the target URL!

  3. Protect all your affiliate links and with an integrated affiliate link cloaker... and never more complain about affiliate commission theft!


Make SmartPage with Smart Page Generator / CreatorSmartPage Creator or Generator - The Smart Way To Create and Manage Smart Pages
Re: Carlos, Do Smart Pages really Work?
Wednesday, 10:47am

I am tired of hearing all the time the same search engine B.S.!

Today I swear, that if you send one more email telling me that Smart Pages don't work for you -- and if you have followed all the steps I provide you on the help manual -- then I will leave the Smart Page software business for good and I will rake all the Smart Page cash out there alone -- and better of all I will focus on all my upcoming online software projects!

Otherwise, just listen to me for a second...

All the people are looking on a quick and easy way to get top rankings in search engines, and yet I see nobody struggling to learn the fastest way to achieve those positions... But worse of all, is all the sketicism running out there and listening to someone shouting on a forum..."Smart Pages don't work!".

Well, then let me tell you something... If Smart Pages work for 90% of my clients... if the only 10% for whom Smart Pages don't work is because their sites are new or have no link popularity... and if search engines can be such a great source of FREE web site traffic, then why the hell are so many people missing the Smart Page boat ride?

I mean, if another person comes at me and tells me "Smart Pages don't work!", then I will only have to laugh in his face!

Sorry, but it's true.

Come on and be honest with me:

How many articles have you read about search engine optimization that tells you to spend a few minutes changing the title, metatags or keyword density and then to submit your site to the engines... and hope that things will work on achieving those TOP 10 competing rankings?

And how many "Search Engine Optimization Companies" have told you that they'd be happy to look at your web site, make a few changes and charge you the low fee of $2,200 USD per site (minimum) if they get any TOP ten rankings. Yah right.

... Let's get real here. Do YOU have that kind of time or money? I don't think so! Because if you're like most home business owners or affiliate marketers I know, you're working with a small and shoestring budget that you need to consider on a daily basis, right?

So let me see if I've got your point:

  1. You want your web site to appear in the most top-ranked search engines, right?!

  2. You want MORE traffic for your web site (and lots more!) -- because the more traffic you get... the more sales you'll make... and the more profit in the bank you'll make at the end of the day!

  3. You do NOT want to spend 30 minutes per day reading all the info available about search engine algorithms changes, because hey -- you have a life and your business is already keeping you busy enough.

  4. You do NOT want to pay thousands of dollars to a Search Engine Optimization "Guru" to get your site optimized...and since search engines change quickly, what if your site slips down the ranks in two months? You pay him again? I don't think so...

  5. You do Not Want to Spend more than 30 minutes making Smart Pages -- because since you know your time is valuable to grow your business, you never want to perform the same task more than once... maybe you could hire a programmer to automate the tasks, right?... But hey, that option would also cost you a another few thousands of dollars!

... You have five very simple concerns that seem VERY reasonable to me.

Yet, do you think I could find a solution for you? Not a chance... I am not even a search engine guru myself. I am simply a "Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and Solution Developer". That means I am supposed to be good only with computers and programming language... not with the search engine algorithm's!

And although I've tormented myself for well over the past few months trying to find the best search engine optimization solution for my affiliate sites, I've always been disappointed! Companies say they promise provide their clients with "constant top 10 rankings," yet they always fall short.

And that was until a break in the search engine industry came up...

When the "Whole Truth" Ebook came out, I was
forced to jump into the search engine optimization game!

I was really surprised to see how much content was published in Stephen's ebook "Under Oath". And everyone who read the ebook knows, and has also seen real proofs, that creating and using Smart Pages, accordingly with the Search Engine SmartPage Calibration System™ specifications, allows you to get consistent TOP 10 positions on the search engines!

But, what are "Smart Pages"?

Smart Pages are search engine optimized web pages to drive massive targeted traffic to your web sites or affiliate products. This concept is revealed and fully explained in the revolutionary and refreshing new book "Under Oath" by Stephen Pierce.

Over the years Stephen tested almost all methods of getting higher rankings in search engines without any success, and one day he developed a bunch of pages without any of the methods he tried before and uploaded them to his site. As he was tired of not having success with the previous methods he didn't pay any attention to those pages… until he started getting a lot of sales and discover that those pages were getting top positions!

Since then, Stephen refined the pages and currently have hundreds of Smart Pages in top 10 positions driving very targeted traffic to all his web sites and affiliate products, generating thousands of dollars every month.

But, the same people who have created -- or tried to create -- Smart Pages know how difficult, and time consuming is the task to edit the template provided inside the book whenever you want to create a single Smart Page... Not to mention that one little mistake in one page can cause you to blow the whole deal!!

That is why I have decided to develop the SmartPage Creator -- a revolutionary Search Engine Optimization Smart Page software that will prompt you step-by-step to:

  1. Enter all of the right keywords, paragraphs, and information that each search Smart Page should be built on!

  2. Create up to 50 smart pages in less than 5 minutes... and save all your work inside your computer system, for you to edit in a later date!

  3. Upload the pages created so that each search engine gets "feed" with exact content it needs for you to achieve the highest possible rankings and...

... You never need to worry about your paragraphs or keywords being cut off in middle of your smart pages because Smart Page Creator 4.0 knows exactly how to organize that information in your computer before you make the upload. So you're on the rigth track to achieve the top-ranking positions you need to

drive thousands and thousands of visitors
to your web site... and for FREE!

All the traffic you deserve in three months or less,
at a SMALL FRACTION of the cost!

Until Smart Page Creator 4.0 came along, ranking at the top of the search engines was either really difficult... time consuming... or really expensive! Basically, you had ONLY the following 3 choices for achieving top ten rankings...You could:

  1. Read all the FREE search engine optimization information available: Top ranking positions are NOT achieved by simply reading all the free search engine newsletters. Why? Because, free articles are a good a way for you to get basic search engine education... Not enough if you really want to compete in the highly saturated search engine arena. Not to mention, that search engine optimization companies will never reveal for free their optimization ranking secrets... they have their newsletter paid versions for that!

  2. Read all the PAID search engine optimization information available: Researching and then selling content as always been a great way for newsletters to do business and for online business to have their sites better optimized in the engines. But with so many newsletters to choose from, which one should you invest your dollars in?

    This is a good option for you in case you can actually profit from this kind of updated information. But on my opinion, it is simply too time consuming, to learn all the search engines tricks and constant changes! Plus, you need to be willing to spend almost $564 dollars per year ($47 x 12 Months = $564 dollars) to remain as a loyal subscriber!

  3. Hire a professional search engine optimization consultant: If you deal with a few companies like this, they all charge approximately $1300 to $2200 for their services. If you can afford it, I recommend hiring one of these experts to optimize your site to the search engines.

    However, the bottom line is that this expense is usually far beyond the budget of online business owners who are just starting out.

... Obviously there can be critical problems with each of these choices.

But that's what makes Smart Page Creator 4.0 so unique -- it addresses and solves these critical problems, making search engine optimization software a cost-effective way to your web site optimized for top 10 rankings of major search engines. It definitely gives you the most "bang for your buck" when compared with your other options.

You'll get unique and safe Smart Pages
like no other software on the Market does!

Plus, Smart Pages created with this software are much more safe to use in the search engines than the template provided in the Stephen's ebook. For example, with Smart Page Creator 4.0 you'll have the ability to:

  • Use Flash Technology for two "Smart Page" types... this gives you much more protection than the Javascript style used on Stephen's template, for redirection purposes!

  • Create other two types of pages that do NOT need any kind of redirection... "Smart Billboards" and "Smart Frames" -- this is the only software you'll find on the market that can do this!

  • Generate Unique content for each Page... in the way search engines love it, just by using the "Search Engine Anti-Spam" feature... other competitors make smart pages with the same content, except on the keyword phrases, and the search engines might penalize you with those kind of pages!

...But that's not all! Based upon Stephen's Smart Page concept I've been able to develop the software in such a way, that you'll be able to create up to THREE different types of Smart Pages...

  • The "Smart Page": The same format type as the template provided in the ebook, where visitors are automatically redirected by using the Safe Flash Redirection.

  • The "Smart Billboard": The Smart Billboard version that uses the Pop Exit feature and, if you choose a redirection, the Safe Flash Redirection feature.

  • And the "Smart Frame": The Smart Frame version that does not redirect your visitors and uses frames to display the content of the Target URL page. The content of the smart page is also present in the "<no frames>" section to allow search engines to index the page.

... Plus you'll be able to profit from sixteen powerful features that will make you search engine optimization look easy! And don't take my word lightly here, since there are more than 11000 lines of code involved in making this new SmartPage Creator 4.0! But, now you'll finally have the ability and power to:

  1. Enter up to 50 (fifty) related keyword phrases to create up to 50 Smart Pages per group and all with unique content!

  2. Create unlimited Smart Pages... You'll be able to create as many Smart Pages as you would like to. Whether you make 1 or 1,000, there is no additional cost in using this software feature!

  3. Group your Smart Pages... Organize your smart pages by separating them by groups. The more sites you have, the better this will work for you, since you'll be able to edit pages at a later date!

  4. Does not require you to understand HTML code... if you are a new to the Internet or to the search engines this also works for you!

  5. Choose between the "Easy Mode" or "Advanced Mode"... Whether you know Stephen's Smart Page template or not, you'll be able to decide which way you feel more comfortable in using the software to create smart pages!

  6. Enter only minimal info to create a Smart Page... type the keywords you want... a description... the Target URL to send visitors... and that's it!

  7. Automatically places very specific and related info in all Smart Pages... for instance the Meta Title, Meta Keywords, Family Links, Headings, Page Graphics and more!

  8. Automatically generates all the HTML Files with just one click (for the 3 types of Smart Pages) and a complete Site Map!

  9. Checks for errors automatically... to avoid bad input for HTML Code!

  10. No need to edit any HTML Code or any other file... just upload the files and test your pages.

  11. Automatically creates the necessary graphic image files for all page types... to avoid getting "file not found" errors on your traffic stats!

  12. Creates the Flash Object to use with your pages for redirection purposes... and only one object for all pages in same folder!

  13. Option to create elaborated Site Maps web pages for one or more groups of Smart Pages!

  14. Stores all your Smart Pages info on YOUR computer... this way you can edit your smart pages in a later date, or even to use it as a Template for other pages.

  15. Save you a bunch of of time... make Smart Pages in 5 minutes or less!

  16. Easy and friendly interface...

... and all you do is point, click, and fill in the blanks!

Smart Page Traffic Statistics Secrets Are
Revealed In Raving Unsolicited Testimonials

I really hope you don't underestimate the power of using Smart Pages, because you can really receive a lot of traffic from major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN and others! But, there are a number of factors involved when estimating how much traffic you'll receive before you try this software like...

  1. The number of "keyword searches" in search engines... This one I can not really help you much... it is a fact! Either people are looking for your product online or they simply aren't!
    If you want to find how many searches were done in Google for your product, just click here and type all the keywords your customers would probably use to find your site in the search engines.

  2. How well you target your "keyword phrases"... no matter what keywords you choose to market your products or services online, you must always target all your "keywords phrases" to make your Smart Pages Work! As Stephen says... "The more you target your keyword phrases, the more sales you'll make! Period!"

  3. Your current link popularity... Is your web site already indexed in search engines? And do you have link popularity? If you say YES to both questions, then I guarantee you Smart Pages will work to optimize your listings in the engines.

    But, if you say NO and if you don't have your site indexed in search engines, or if you don't have yet link popularity, then your primary goal should be to build link partnerships with related sites in your industry to get listed on search engines. If you do this -- and this is somehting that may take you up to three months -- then I can guarantee you Smart Pages will also work for you!

With all this said... if your site fits these three special requirements, then you just have to use SmartPage Creator 4.0 to make a few Smart Pages, upload them to your site, and wait for those unique hits to skyrockect your traffic statistics at the end of the month!

But, I also want to share with you the number of clicks some of my customers get in their own sites, so that you can get absolutely convinced that Smart Page Creator 4.0 is the best cost-effective way to have your web site optimized for the top ten rankings in search engines.

For that purpose, I'll use some unsolicited testimonials! So, lets first listen to what Michael Green from the HowToCorp Forum has to say about his experience with Smart Pages and with Smart Page Creator software in particular...

Hi Carlos, Unsolicited Testimonial

I've suddenly started to become aware that I'm receiving a large amount of additional Google driven traffic, as a direct result of having used your truely excellent Smart Page Creator software. Here's how this revelation came to light.

About 6 weeks ago I carefully followed your instructions and created Smart Pages for each of my online products. I posted them to my website and then didn't think much more about it.

Much more recently I've been studying my website logs and these have revealed a great deal of referred traffic coming via my SmartPages (about 1 in 5 of my total visitors numbers in fact).

On closer inspection I've discovered that nearly all this traffic is being referred via Google and onto my site from the Smart Page Creator generated pages the I produced a few weeks back.

Wow! That's a 20% increase in completely targeted traffic, as a direct result of about 20 minutes work building targeted Smart Pages for each of my 10 toolkit websites.

A pretty impressive result and I have to admit that I'm simply blown away. Better still, I created that set of Smart Pages with an earlier version of your outstanding software. So I just can't wait to see the results from v3.0.

Thanks again,
Michael Green -

So, Michael has experienced a 20% increase in his traffic with only 20 minutes of work! And that's pretty impressive, right?

Now listen to another revealing testimonial from Doug Harvey:

Hi Carlos, Unsolicited Testimonial

Many thanks for your prompt replacement of Smart Page Creator after I had to replace my hard drive I wish my back up was as good as yours!

I felt completely lost without Smart Page Creator. I have become fascinated by what it can do for me!

My "(web site removed)" site is now page number one on google uk and page number two on and we only work from home!

Smart pages took my traffic from 200 unique visitors a day to over 1,200.

We normally only serve the U.K. but now get so many enquiries from around the world that we have had to sign up as affiliates to similar companies in other countries!!

Thank you for a great product, which does exactly what it claims to do.


Doug Harvey
Note: I only include URLs on testimonials when my customers ask for that... and for obvious reasons some don't ask!

If a 20% increase in Michael Green's web site traffic was great... a 600% increase in Doug's traffic is a shocking result in my point of view!

Now, you think about it. If Doug is getting an extra 1.000 visitors per day as a direct result of using Smart Pages in his site, that means he'll get an extra 365.000 visitors in his website one year from now as a direct result of using the Smart Page Creator software!!!...

And isn't that worth a lot of cash? Just consider this...

If you were to buy traffic in Google Adwords at 5 cents for each visitor, 365.000 visitors would cost you $18.250 dollars! And wouldn't you rather have all that PPC money in your pocket? I though so... Plus 5 cents is not a common bid for you to find these days. Especially in highly saturated markets where people bid dollars instead of cents per visitor (YES, that is dollars... not cents!) for Google to show their ads in the top of the keywords searches.

Still, I know each case is a special case...

And I am an honest guy to the point of telling you that you I'll not guarantee you 10.000 or 100.000 extra visitors to your website per year, just by using Smart Page Creator 4.0 software! And why you ask? Because I don't know you... I don't know your internet skills... I don't know your market... I don't know your web site link popularity and competing keyword phrases... and above all, you'll have to understand that...

... search engines are private enterprises and no one can control the results they display...

I provide you with all my customers results, so that you can fell confident about the software performance, and that is the best I can do for you. I guarantee you Smart Page Creator 4.0 will create optimized pages for you quickly, but I will not guarantee you top Ten rankings... got it?

And just as a matter of curiosity I am going to ask you one thing... Do you work online all year round from home like I do?

If you say YES, then I am happy to know that you understand why I say this. Because it takes a lot of time to learn the search engines play... And if you say NO to my question, then I can tell you if you really want to succeed with Smart Pages, you'll have to work more than other experience webmasters. Still, it is still possible for you to optimize your site for those top ten positions, as long as you work on the right direction... and I'll show you that too, don't worry!

How Smart Pages traffic can easily turn
visitors into more profits in your bank account!

Yet, lets assume for a moment that Smart Pages work on your site and you simply aren't an experience webmaster. It may take you more than the twenty minutes Michael Green needed to make Smart Pages work for him, but even if it takes you 4 hours for you to do this... if you were to receive the low amount of 30 visitors to your web site per day, as a direct result of building Smart Pages, would this time be worth it? Think again!

Imagine for a second that you average an extra 30 visitors per day like I mentioned... Just do the math and I will show how many visitors per month you would get.

30 visitors x 30 days = 900 new visitors!

Now imagine that you convert 1 % of these people into sales each month (yes, only 1%... it is a low conversion, but a reasonable one). You can do that right? Of course you can. Let's do the math again:

900 visitors X 1% conversion rate = 9 sales per month!

... You can easily generate an extra 9 sales per month with a software that takes you about to 20 minutes to 4 hours to create Smart Pages! If you sell an ebook where your average profit per sale is only 20 bucks, then you would make an extra $180 dollars... and that is just for one month! If I was to mention here the profit numbers per year you would be shocked, right? Okay, but I am still going to tell... it is exactly $2.160 dollars!

Bottom line here... these are low-ball estimates!

Now imagine if were competing in a market like Doug were he gets an extra 30.000 extra visitors per month from smart pages traffic alone... That would be 300 extra sales and a profit of $6.000 per month! What could you do with $6.000 per month with only a few hours of work? Or better even... What could you do with an extra $72.000 per year!

Unsolicited Testimonial

Smart Page Creator is the best investment I have made outside of some great stocks I bought last year.

It really has brought me some highly targeted traffic. The software is so user friendly even I can use it.

Mark Crisp - The Stress Free Trader

But that's not all! The fact is, power is nothing without control, so Smart Page Creator 4.0 lets you...

Choose the "right" Smart Page Type and
avoid seeing your site banned from the search engines

I'd be lying if I told you that optimizing your site with Smart Pages may not end up in having your site banned from search engines. And that the Smart Page approach can't actually harm your reputation. Well, the truth is that it can...

But, with Smart Page Creator 4.0 you get the final word on how you want the Smart Page content to be delivered to the search engines. So, you'll have the ability to select the type of SAFE Smart Page you want to use -- whatever the reason! Just look at these extra features below...

  • Search Engine Anti-Spam: This feature is used to create unique content for each Smart Page and no page in a group will have the same description paragraphs text. Pages that are all identical except for their target search terms can be seen by search engines as Spam and they might penalize them. Search Engine Anti-Spam feature is used for all Smart Page types in Easy Mode!

  • Safe Flash Redirection: This unique feature is used on "Smart Page" and "Smart Billboard" (Smart Frame does not redirect visitors). On the "Smart Billboard" you can choose if you want to use it or not, because this type of page also uses the PopExit feature (see below) and you can specify when to redirect visitors: after 10, 20, 40 or 60 seconds!

  • Pop Exit: When using "Smart Billboard", this feature guarantees that visitors will always get the web site you are promoting. If a visitor reaches the page and if he/she closes the browser or hits the back button an exit popup window will be displayed with the web site you specified in the Target URL!

  • Other features present on "Smart Billboard": no right click, no text selection (IE only) and no status message. Family Links are opened in new windows!

...With all this said, SmartPage Creator 4.0 was designed to respect all the search engine spam conceived rules and knows exactly what to do to avoid on having your site banned from the search engines, so you can...

Focus on profiting from traffic instead of
struggling to get optimized top 10 positions!

Why would you waste your time trying to learn the rules to get on the top search engines and learn how their optimization algorithm works, when Smart Page Creator 4.0 uses the industry "Smart Page" concept already created by Stephen Pierce?

It doesn't really make sense, does it?

Of course not... At least, not when you can use Smart Page Creator 4.0 to automatically take advantage of the same professional techniques used by the so called experts to rank at the top of the search engines, and...

Leave yourself free to focus on other profitable marketing tasks... like turning
all that new traffic into even more profits and sales!

Use Smart Page Creator 4.0 over and over to make multiple Smart Pages of your own... to upload all of your clients' Smart Pages files... to upload all your Smart Pages for all affiliate sites you have... to submit multiple Smart Pages different parts within your site... And won't end up paying more if you use 100 sites with your software copy!

With SmartPage Creator 4.0, your business possibilities are endless! You could even optimize your friends' and associates' sites and charge them a fee to make some money on the side!

Key Secret: There are a lot of people on the Internet who want to start (or test) Smart Pages, and are now legitimately "stealing" market share from the so-called SEO experts...

With Smart Page Creator 4.0, you will be able to start your own "SEO" business and charge your clients from $200-$1000 a month, just by using the software search engine top 10 keyword ranking optimizing capabilities… and you'll be earning a profit while saving your clients some cash!

... and after your Smart Pages uploaded, just wait until you see all those hits coming across your website logs and statistics! And now you can also benefit from the power to...

Quickly grow your email list using the new
Opt-in Automator Tool in your Smart Pages

One of the neat features of this new version is that you can create an opt-in list totally generated by your Smart Pages! Because I have fully developed a tool inside the Smart Page Creator 4.0 version that allows your all your Smart Page visitors to subscribe to your newsletter/ezine... without ever having to type out their email address when they arrive to your site or affiliate site. This is like the opt-in boxes you see all over the internet that are generated by internet explorer.

This only happens if they want to because they can always hit the 'cancel' button. The subscriptions are completely opt-in, and another window pops up after the visitor hits the 'OK' button, in order to double-check that the visitor does want to opt-in. This feature basically eliminates the problem of having your visitors to accidentally clicking 'OK' when they actually didn't really want to opt-in to your list.

No matter how lazy people are, and how busy they are... on the moment they hit the okay button twice, that first name and email are yours "for life" -- unless they hit the unsubscribe button of course-- and that is all done with a few clicks inside the Smart Page Creator 4.0! Finally you'll be able to...

  • Build your opt-in list larger and faster than you would ever thought possible from your Smart Pages traffic alone!

  • Avoid having to worry about any special server permissions or privileges to install scripts on your site. This opt-in box works on all Smart Pages!

  • Uses 'Cookie-tracking' to make sure that your visitors don't keep seeing the pop-up over and over again... and your credibility increases instantly!

  • Grab the user's name in addition to their email address. A really great feature, especially if you like to personalize your ezines with the first name tags!

  • Work with virtually all list hosts and autoresponder services as long as they use opt-in email addresses.

... and now imagine receiving an extra 900 visitors per month! and some EXTRA email address in your list with only TEN seconds of work! Wouldn't that give you the extra leverage you were needing to grow your list THREE times faster?

Protect affiliate commissions inside all
your Smart Pages traffic or in any page of your site!

Let me ask you something, how many times have you seen your visitors and subscribers stealing your affiliate commissions? And how much money did you lose as a direct result of this unscrupulous action? A lot of money, right?...

Well, this is the dark side of internet marketing that nobody usually talks. Yet, it is really easy for someone to steal someone else's commissions. I know this, because I suffer from the same problem whenever I promote affiliate programs myself. And statistics consistently show Internet's marketers are losing up to 30% of all their affiliate commissions! So, let me inform you upfront, how are people ripping you off...

- Simply, because they are replacing your affiliate link by their affiliate link
or affiliate nickname!

This is what happens when people copy and paste their Affiliate ID into their browser instead of clicking in your affiliate link.. or when someone replaces their nickname when they see yours in their browser!

But, with the new Smart Page Creator 4.0, you'll have the power to stop the vast majority of people to cheat on you. Because, I've developed extra code inside the software, that will stop almost 90% of these thefts -- or maybe even more. From now on, you'll have the power and ability to...

  1. Cloak pages in 30 seconds or less... use cloaked pages as the target URL for your Smart Pages. This way you can promote an affiliate product of yours with Smart Pages, but instead of entering your affiliate URL on the Target URL for the Smart Pages, you use this tool to create a cloaked page and enter, on the Target URL, the complete URL of the cloaked page!

  2. Create an unlimited number of cloaked pages.... there is no limit on the cloaked web pages or smart pages you want to create. Want one cloaked page or a thousand cloaked pages? Just spend more time using the software!

  3. Benefit from hexadecimal encryption... This level of encryption is practically impossible to crack or hack. No more worries about having your subscribers stealing your profits, because they'll not be able to crack your codes!

  4. Embed your merchant’s site inside of yours... it keeps your web site visitor inside your URL. The visitor will have the feeling of actually shopping a product or service in your site!

  5. Avoid learning HTML, Javascript or programming... if you are new to the internet this will work really great for you. You'll only need to know how to type in your keyboard and use your computer mouse!

  6. Cloak web pages for any affiliate products you have... use it to cloak pages for any affiliate products you want to promote in your site. Basically, you are getting two peices of software in only one!

  7. Promote similar affiliate products without editing the Smart Pages... if the affiliate product you are promoting is not generating the revenue you were expecting, then with the new Smart Page Creator 4.0, you'll only have to change the affiliate link on the cloaked page for the new product and upload it to your site... therefore replacing the old one! By using this process, you can at any time change the affiliate link you are promoting for the Smart Pages without editing the Smart Pages... as you just have to change the link on the cloaked page!

... and it takes only 30 seconds for you to point, click... and "cloak"!

You are getting an extra $37 of value in this feature alone! If you were to have a bunch of affiliate links you wanted to cloak for your normal web pages, then this will work like any similar kind cloaking software on the market you know. Now imagine how much extra money did you lose by not having this product on your hands before...and how much money you'll save in the future!

If I were to make some very conservative estimate... lets say... that 15% of all your affiliate sales were often hijacked or bypassed in the past few months, and in case your total monthly earnings were on the 30.000 limit.. that means you would be losing around $1.500 dollars a month!

But, with this new tool developed inside the Smart Page Creator 4.0 you now only have to point, click... and cloak! Your commissions will no longer be stolen right under your nose. Plus I guarantee you that this tool and the new opt-in tool will not interfere with your Smart Pages search engine rankings!

Act Now Before Your Competitors Get Wise

Incredibly, most online businesses still don't realize the value of having Smart Pages installed on their web sites! Just think back to the web sites you've visited in recent months. Think back to the keyword phrases you have used in. How many of those keyword phrases were Smart Pages in the top ten?

I bet you can count them on one hand!

That is why you should not let this opportunity pass you by. Today – and before your competitors get wise– you've got a chance to capture and lock up a HUGE share traffic to your site.

Just imagine what it'll be like once you've been able to optimize your pages to the major search engines and get thousands and thousands of searches for you keyword phrases every month. Can you see yourself smiling proudly, knowing that you've permanently locked up that flood of FREE traffic?

If you are still not convinced that Smart Page Creator 4.0 is the best investment you'll ever make for your online business, then please listen to what Glyn Carnell, who is himself a Search Engine Optimization Expert, had to say about the fast results he experienced with my software...

Unsolicited Testimonial

I have been in the SEO business for more that four years, working for various companies and using traditional, tried & tested techniques.

Recently I found myself with a problem in getting a particular site listed in Google. At that same time there was much discussion on "Smart Pages".

I was hesitant at first but though I had nothing to loose and went ahead with the purchase of "Smart Page Creator". I followed the VERY SIMPLE instructions which took me about 10 minutes to generate 10 optimized pages, I then uploaded these along with the automatically generated site map to the client's URL and sat back and waited.

That wait was not long... less that two weeks passed and my clients site was listed at #1 and #2 for many of the key phrases used... Fact! I simply could not believe the instant results that "Smart Page Creator" gave me.

And for all those skeptics out there... Yes, they still rank at the same position today!

So, what does all this mean? Well I wish I had used "Smart Page Creator" sooner! No longer to I have to tell my client's that it will take months to get a new key phrase listed. I can do it in minutes and the results show up in a matter of weeks.


Glyn Carnell -


I'm excited to announce that the new Version 4.0 of Smart Page Creator software that I'm offering you today was made solely on my efforts. And because I have a keen understanding of what people who buy this software like you need -- because I've spent a LOT of time reading all my clients emails and helping them to succeed with their Smart Pages -- this software is unlike anything you'll find anywhere else.


Not only has it been designed to meet your end user needs today, it's been designed to grow your list and protect your affiliate commissions! So this will be the ONLY software you need...

Now before I tell you the price, remember that owning Smart Page Creator 4.0 is like having a "Google Adwords" wizard... but for normal listings in terms of the optimization results you get! - And since all previous versions were considered by customers to be "Error Free", how much do you think it would cost you to hire someone to make such a software like this?

Or to be realistic, how much would it cost you just to hire a Programmer to do this software for your own use? Someone who would make tiny mistakes... and you know how a simple tiny mistake in a Smart Pages can tremendously affect your top 10 positions, don't you?

Smart Page Creator 4.0 normally costs $197... However, because I love to do programming, and because my list of customers as always supported me over the time, and given me excellent feedback on the software, I was able to consider the following deal to celebrate the launch of this exciting new version.

So, I'm really excited to tell you that you can claim a copy of this powerful new software for just $97. I'm sure I don't need to tell you that this is a serious bargain for the free traffic you'll receive if you already have a solid link popularity in your web site and if you optimize your rankings in the right path.

Remember, other Smart Page softwares don't allow you to create unique content for each Smart Page, create site maps for one or more group of pages, create "Smart Billboards" page type, store your pages info on your computer, or to create up to 50 Smart Pages per group... and these are only a few elements I could mention here!

With all this said, Smart Page Creator 4.0 is the only complete Smart Page software that allows you to optimize your site rankings to the major search engines, grow your opt-in list directly using the opt-in tool in your Smart Pages and protect all your affiliate commissions with a few extra clicks. Bottom line... it will give you an unfair advantage over your competition.


No other software does what Smart Page Creator 4.0 does in one program. And I've looked at every alternative. But you don't have to take my word for it...Just listen to what James had to say about the my Smart Page Creator and some of my competitors...

Hi Carlos, Unsolicited Testimonial

I am very pleased with your program and customer support. When I had questions you responded in a matter of hours, which was very appreciated when running a business.

I am a member of Steve Pierce's Smart Marketing Club and know about all the Smart Page creator programs having tried them or in some cases hear the feedback directly from customers to Steve on the private message boards.

I can say with out a doubt that your program is by far the easiest to use with the most options. It is also bug free, which definitely cannot be said about the other programs.

I have recommended your program to several people now who I know have purchased the program and thank me all the time for letting them in on this powerful secret!

To be honest I was referred to you by a company that has a Smart Page creator service. The owner told me upfront that yours was better than his!


*** Exclusive Smart Page Creator 4.0 Bonus Gifts ****

To celebrate the launch of the 100% brand new Smart Page Creator 4.0 software, I'm excited to tell you that I've put together two special bonus gifts I'll provide you to help you succeed with Smart Pages and also as a way to thank you for trying my software. These are great tools to use with Smart Page Creator 4.0 software:

  • Free Bonus Gift #1 Good Keywords: This software lets you find the perfect set of keywords for your products and/or services by searching Overture and many other search engines. Knowing the right keywords to target is very important because your site should provide what people are searching for.

  • Free Bonus Gift #2 Link Popularity Check: This easy to use software let's you find out how many web pages link to your site. It checks the link popularity of your web site on several search engines and compares it to other web sites. You can quickly find out how many people link to your site, how many sites link to your competitors and how you compare to other sites.

These two bonuses literally walk you through on the process of creating Smart Pages and will work profitably on your business success with them!

Hi Carlos, Unsolicited Testimonial

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the high level of professionalism and courtesy with which you conduct your business.

Anyone who conducts business knows that far too often the accommodating nature ends when the 'money back' period ends. I am pleased to say that even though my warranty period has long since ended you still have been very accommodating, responding to my questions in a timely manner.

Your product is one of the most user friendly ones on the market and so my questions are few and far between. However, it is really comforting to know that when I do have questions you are always there to help.

Thanks. I wish you continued success.

Sheldon Sharpe

My Guarantee: Your Web Site Will Be Optimized
For Search Engines Within 56 Days Or It Costs You Nothing!

That's right. You have 56 days to test Smart Page Creator 4.0 and convince yourself that it's the best thing that's ever happened to your online business since you have started to do search engine optimization.

Thus, if your site is indexed in search engines, and if you already have link popularity, then I'll guarantee you Smart Page Creator 4.0 will optimize your site to the search engines with Smart Pages and pay for itself within 56 days.

If not, just send me an e-mail to saying so, and you'll be issued a full 100% refund. You won't even have to send anything back, because Smart Page Creator 4.0 is delivered digitally!

Don't lose your chance to capture and lock up the entire FREE search engine Traffic waiting for you out there, starting today, before your competitors get wise.

And don't seal your fate as one of thousands of struggling online marketers who becomes so bogged down by time-consuming search optimization techniques.

Thanks Carlos, Unsolicited Testimonial

As a newbie starting a web business I have spent hundreds of dollars on various books and software from Web Marketing Gurus.

While 90% of what I've bought fails to deliver I'm happy to say that Smart Page Creator falls into that 10% that delivers on its promise plus you have always responded to my questions usually within a day.

JE Curran
Palm Springs, Ca.

Start Increasing Your Search Engine Traffic
Statistics And Online Sales Within The Next 5 Minutes...

Within the next 5 minutes, you could be using this powerful software to control all the relevant keyword and keyphrases in your market. Simply place your order, and within seconds I will automatically e-mail you the download instructions and password code you need to get start using Smart Page Creator 4.0 immediately!

Click here now to order Smart Page Creator 4.0. Within one minute of receiving your order, our computer will e-mail you the download and registration instructions you need to start profiting from Smart Page Creator 4.0 immediately.

Do you have any questions at this time? If so, please send me an email to and I will personally assist you on everything you need!

System Requirements:
Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003 with IE 5.0 or greater

With that said, please note that the Smart Page Creator 4.0 software is available via electronic download only, so you'll be able to rake all the FREE traffic and increase your online income and sales within the next 5 minutes!

And finally, remember that Smart Page Creator 4.0 is guaranteed to pay for itself within 56 days in case you have your site already indexed in search engines, and if you already have link popularity. If it doesn't, just send me an e-mail and you'll be issued a full 100% refund. You won't even have to send the product back.

To your success!
Carlos Martinho

P.S. By using SmartPage Creator 4.0 you can now create your own "SEO business" and charge your clients from $200-$1000 a month, just by using the software search engine optimization ranking capabilities… If you charge less than the SEO, online business owners who understand nothing about Smart Pages will be glad to do business with you.

Best of all, Smart Page Creator 4.0 is designed for you to keep the record on your computer, of all the Smart Pages you have created, so that the day-to-day burden of creating everything from scratch is now over! It allows you to maintain and edit the smart pages from you own computer... You will be earning a profit while saving your clients some cash!

P.P.S. You don't want your competitors to overtake on the search engines, do you?

You can now buy software that acts like a "Google Adwords wizard" but for normal listings. It goes directly to the point of telling the search engines, the exact keyword content they want to know from your site. This software should cost anywhere from $197 - $2,200. The good news is, Smart Page Creator 4.0 is now available for much less and can grow your opt-in list ten times faster. Click here now to order Smart Page Creator 4.0.


Click here to Read more testimonials and to find out what other people just like you have to say about Smart Page Creator.

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